Artists see what is invisible to others. These visions, begin as a thought. Here is a collection of thoughts from the artist Alex Arshansky.

© 2019 Alex Arshansky

  • “I believe in the idea that a work of art can inspire more works of art, that it’s a chain event.”
  • “I’m an observer. Often times I just watch myself work. If I’m channeling something, I hope it’s meant for someone that can maybe decode my message.”
  • “My art is designed to touch people on a deeper level.”
  • “Sometimes I’m making a painting and when I’m making it I’m encoding something useful and purposeful into the art so that it doesn’t just shine in bright colors, but that it has a deeper purpose.”
  • “There is a certain feeling, that you have to realize, that some pieces of art that you create, they will not be purchased. You just do them, you know, for your heart.”
  • “When someone buys art, they’re also buying a memory.”
  • “When there is a personal connection to a piece of art, that is very different than a cold sale.”
  • “When we mix passion with work, that is golden.”
  • “When you look at art it’s 50% art and 50% soul of the artist, and you can feel it.”


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