Together, we can change the world with art.

What Art Is To Us

Art is the embodiment of evolution. Cave men told the simple stories of life at that time onto walls of stone. Old Masters were commissioned to create perpetual masterpieces that expanded across the architecture that seemed too advanced for that era. Modern artists defied the rules to invent new styles of art that would resonate with the new generation of admirers. The world continues to change and art changes with it. Maybe art is what inspires change itself.

What Art Is Today

So, what is the purpose of art today?

In a world with unlimited access to valuable resources art is still the spark of humanity, the first word of a conversation, and the enlightenment that our minds crave. Art is still the story of our souls at the exact moment that the idea was born until the last stroke is placed on the canvas. It is more than a product to be sold, it is an emotion to be evoked and reciprocated.

How We Sell Art

At Evo Art Maui we believe that by representing the essence of the body of work by each artist that we are able to tell the stories that people are eager to hear and find them the art that they’ve been searching for all along. With this unconventional approach we are able to explore more potential pieces of work and go beyond inventory, go beyond exclusivity and into an accepting and embracing manner of identifying the perfect piece for them on an individual level. Then we offer the information openly in a way that will give them the verification that converts emotion into logic and allows them to obtain the artwork that they genuinely love.

Our Location

We are located in a prime vacation destination that has  oceanside boardwalk called Front St. Here we are alongside some of the most popular art galleries today that attract visitors from all over the world.

We know that staying intimate with our local market is just as valuable. So we have expanded our marketing beyond just tourism to include the locals on the island, too. Every month millions of dollars are invested into real estate and properties have walls and spaces that need art and sculptures. We offer on-site visits where we meet on Maui so that we can personally consult them and assist with their art collecting experience in person in the comfort of their own home. We use tools to digitally impose the artwork onto their walls and even offer augmented reality so that they can virtually decorate their home.

Our Website

We strive to offer seamless integration, relevant information and the newest technology so that buyers become more inclined to collect. Ecommerce is exploding in countries around the world, not just the USA. In fact, according to U.S. Commercial Services, in 2018 95% of the world’s consumers were outside of the USA. With the right resources, capacity and commitment we can immerse ourselves into the world of online shopping without loosing the sophistication of gallery representation.

Why Work With Us

Evo Art Maui gives artists the exposure and purchasing potential they deserve. Our artists also receive equal, unbiased representation that benefits and protects them. We are dedicated to becoming an expert on the artists we exhibit online and in our gallery. The power of product knowledge is the secret ingredient to our recipe for success. The more information we are provided with, the more we will use it in order to establish value, virtue of uniqueness, craftsmanship, reputation and quality so that our buyers know they are getting something exceptional and something rare. It’s our job to show that the art’s virtue represents it’s price. We strive for consistency in pricing so that buyers are discouraged from deferring purchases and to create a feeling of partnership between the gallery and the artist. Our artist portal makes it so simple to add new works to our database and have 1st hand input on how it will be portrayed to our clients. To ensure further conviction, the artist’s funds from sales are treated as trust property and held in a separate account until payment is made.   We appreciate our artists deeply and approach our relationships with pleasantness, positivity and good business sense. Even in the best relationships based on trust and a good working relationship, there is no substitute for a contract. We are clear about the terms of the arrangement from the beginning while remaining open to the artist’s ideas and welcome their input.

Let’s Connect!

1. Read about us in the slideshow above.

2. Email for a copy of our Gallery-Artist Agreement.

3. You can use this document to send us a Record of Consignment

4. Provide Access to Images, Videos & Other Material Preferably Via Google Drive.

Evo Art Maui is looking for higher conscious artwork that promotes a message. We curate our artist roster based on the passion, devotion, conviction, and purpose behind the artist’s body of work.

While we have an expansive online inventory, our gallery floor space is small and requires regular rotation of our displays to be able to promote all of the artists we represent. Therefore, your work needs to be prepared to sell virtually as well. High-quality images of each piece from multiple angles, the sides, the back, short video clips, measurements, accompanying stories and all details regarding the medium help us to really showcase the piece probably online. 

We look forward to representing your work!

  • “Your art fits a nice niche in EVO…
Kammy is a rare treasure in the art world.
She’s a dolphin who can swim with sharks.
She’s smarter than the sharks and lovely like the dolphins.  She is outstanding in sales. I didn’t hesitate to join EVO and give her an exclusive on my giant sized collection..
It’s massive.  She’s been helping me catalog the entire collection and amazing me with her work ethic and organizational skills.
She’s a very talented and honest person who I trust wholeheartedly.
I have known her for 18 years.
Your art will be in good hands.
I’ll be very involved with the gallery and I think you’re going to have a great experience with EVO. I have been in numerous galleries throughout my career and I have had great and not great experiences.  EVO is going to be better than great.  It’s going to be stellar.
With Aloha bradda Gary the artist.” –Gary Savage


                     “Thank you Gary, for giving Evo wings, fins and more!” -Kammy

Artist Resources

Evo Art Maui is here to help artists reach success. Enjoy our free resources that can help you out along the way.

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