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Appraiser’s Association of America


With Art Price’s appraisals you can determine an artwork’s potential value on the secondary market, and as a result, make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling at the best price.

The appraisal can also determine the insurance value.

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Appraisals starting at $59 apiece.

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The ADAA undertakes appraisals only for donation, insurance, gift tax, and estate tax & planning purposes. Therefore, they do not do appraisals for decorative artworks or works intended for sale.

The expertise of the ADAA’s appraisal department extends from Old Master paintings to contemporary art installations.  We examine both public (auction) sales and private (gallery) sales records, so needless to say the work being appraised needs to have some kind of track record in the marketplace in order for ADAA to produce an accurate appraisal.

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