I love art & I love kids. It is that simple.

It is a love that happens in an instant and it lasts for a lifetime. It is a love that silently pulls me and shapes my life in ways that could only happen organically, unintentionally and whole-heartedly. I know I’m not the only one who feels this draw, who feels this love. Maybe the pull isn’t as forceful, maybe it isn’t as bold, maybe it isn’t as consuming, but I believe that we all love art and that we all love kids. It is that simple.

When it comes to business, I am pulled in many directions. Finding an effective way to combine passion with results, well it isn’t so simple. Despite the challenge, despite the unusual approach of choosing to give instead of to take, I believe it will all come full circle. I believe that my love for art and my love for kids will embrace me in it’s resolving arms as it always has.

That is why I have decided that the best way to throw a Holiday art show, is to include art for the Keiki. Who could need art more, than those who don’t have it?

Poverty, those without homes & addiction consumed individuals are an undeniable presence in even the most elaborate of towns. While this can be an eyesore, it can also be a blessing as it reminds us to stay humble and to live with gratitude for our health in all of its senses. As easy as it is to offer a homeless man a kind smile and a glass of water and then get back to work, the reality remains that there are unseen victims to these circumstances and that those victims are the children. This is where my heart turns into a black hole of empathy as I start to think that even though I am a new business, struggling to emerge onto the art scene, there is still more that I can do.

So I am exerting all efforts to simultaneously benefit Maui’s children in need while also benefiting our new business. Marketing takes time, it takes consistency, it takes persistence. I am not expecting grand results, if I get to help even one kid in a magical way, then I am fulfilled. I can see I’ve already done this, however, by setting an example for my own two children and making this Christmas more about others and about art than about materialistic possessions and the luxury of a winter vacation. If we stay committed to our purpose here at Evo Art Maui I know I will maintain humility while providing a fruitful life for my family.

I’ve reached out to my friends across the street. After seeing how the homeless community has transformed since I moved into the building, I am inspired and filled with hope. Although they are living a life on the streets, I have witnessed acts of greatness from them within their own tormented group. One of them, in particular, has really moved me with his compassion. I could smell the scene before I saw it, but as I turned the corner there he was, carrying on his shoulders an almost unconscious homeless man to try to find him a safe place to rest. I’ve seen this same man cry tears of sadness when his friends were mistreated. I’ve seen him squeeze his wedding ring onto his index finger so that he could never lose the last thing that remained from the love of his life. I’ve seen good intentions inside of bad choices. So I’ve asked him to invite any children he may know of, that are also living in less than desirable conditions, and have them join us on our patio for a free art class.

I hope the art class makes the kids feel inspired. I hope the art class makes the kids feel capable. I hope the art class makes them see that there is always, always, always room for improvement.

I’m lucky enough to have two local artists who have demonstrated an exceptional amount of dedication to the gallery. Augustine Costantino has offered many art classes to children even within the gallery doors, recreating his famous front street fish on 8×10 wrapped canvases. Gary Savage quite literally lives for art and children. He is the most famous portrait artist on the island of Maui and his renditions of innocence and joy are captured in his pastel drawings that are hung all around the world. Both of these artists have volunteered to instruct the Maui children that join us for a free art class at the gallery.

In addition to “coconut wireless” marketing with the Front St. wanderers, I’ve contacted various local non-profits. I wish I could have provided more notice, but right now I’m revving at full velocity and can only spread myself so thin. Fortunately, we still have had amazing feedback and Maui Family Support Services along with MEO, Maui Economic Opportunities Head Start Program, are both able to provide notice to local families in need. There are many, many more companies that I’ve reached out to in order to invite the children here to the gallery. Between the Maui non-profits and my kids being in Elementary School up the street, I am sure we will have an exciting art class here at Evo Art Maui!

The free class will be hosted at our art gallery on Front St. in Lahaina. Our address is 888 Front St. and we are located in the blue Longhi’s building on the corner in front of Bubba Gumps. Most guests park in the Foodland Shopping Center and pay a small fee for the day. There is also free parking available around the neighboring streets by the banks and Outlet Mall of Maui. The art lessons by Gary Savage & Augustine Costantino begin at 2 pm and will close at 4 pm. All of the kids are welcome to either take their creations home (we are providing free supplies so they will be painting an original acrylic on board work of art) or to leave their art here for on our exhibit wall for them. Since we are having an extravagant “Winter Fantasy” art show later that evening, there will be plenty of donors to come and bid on their artwork. All of the funds raised from the artwork will be donated to the non-profit companies that help our local Maui children that would not have this artistic experience without someone providing it to them for free.

Let’s give the kids a gift that will last a lifetime, the gift of art. For the entire month of December, we also accepting charitable donations of art supplies! Come into Evo Art Maui, introduce yourself to me (Kammy) and let me give you a warm mahalo for supporting our Children’s Art Supply Donation Drive.

Thanks for letting me beautify your life for even just a moment, with a little truth, a little love, & always a lot of art.