Owner Kammy Hodges 

Aloha Artists! I am filled with gratitude as I write this message to you. Representing talent is a passion, a dream, that wouldn’t be possible without you. It’s your beautiful creations that are the veins that run through the body of Evo, your trust in my vision is the beat to the heart of our success together. Thank you!

As we begin to collaborate, you might want to know more about me, more about Evo. While I would love to address everything on a personal, interactive level, I am creating this Artist Q & A to facilitate it even further.

Q: What other artists are on your roster?

A: For A Published Roster Please Visit Our Artists Page. 

Our gallery represents artists with higher purpose motives behind their artwork. Whether you’re telling a story, raising awareness, staying devoted to your own singular style of art, or living a legacy we care about the higher consciousness that makes you a unique creator.


Q: Who pays to ship the artwork to the gallery?

A: The Artist.

The standard for our Artist-Gallery Agreement is that the artist pays to ship the artwork to the gallery. As an artist, you’ve already invested and given so much. However, becoming a successful career artist requires more than just producing art, it requires getting it to the right place so it can find it’s forever home. So the more prepared, organized and professional an artist is in regards to delivering “product” to a “point of sales”, the more successful we can be at focusing on what makes this all possible; showing the art and closing the deal.

Many international artists have found success with shipping artwork rolled in a tube with DHL Express. In scenarios like this, we may be able to help cover costs such as stretching and framing. This can all be discussed on an individual basis.

In the event that the artist isn’t capable of covering the costs, please let us know. It is more important for us to have at least one or two pieces in our physical inventory than to have only digital images or none. We can make it work!


Q: Will Evo Art negotiate the commission percentage terms for additional services offered by the artist?

A: Yes.

At Evo, we know that your talent lies beyond the canvas. There are so many ways to promote your artistic career and we would love to be a part of it. If you paint murals, teach art, sell workshops online, license your art, commission designs or anything else that involves art, we would love to explore the possibilities beyond gallery walls. Due to the extent of such possibilities, we know that the commission split may need to be adjusted. We’d love to talk about it. 

“I’ve attached the modified contract that stipulates there will be a 20% commission for murals and in the event, there is minimal involvement (per your discretion), then a minimum 10% commission for the sale.” Kammy Hodges

Q: Will Evo Art publicize any of the written content from the artist?

A: Yes, unless the artist request that certain writings stay private.

During our conversations, correspondence and other sources of finding information, Evo may discover text that they would like to use. It may be for a blog post, as a description of the artwork, in social media, and of course, to close a sale. 

About my writing, it is very much a part of my work As I paint I often jot down thoughts on my drawing board and then when the piece is done make note of what that was before it is lost in the muddle of the next project. For my exhibit “fare forward’ I had a booklet with these jottings that viewers could choose to read as they experienced the work. For many the impact was quite emotional

Please feel free to use my words to promote me as you see fit. I have been as much a writer as a painter. They seem to go hand in hand really, like mathematics and music.” Jo C Willems


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