Here I am, believing in angels. For the past four months, my mind has been wrapping itself around all sorts of new possibilities, why not angels? If anything, they are with me now more than ever. These thoughts, these new emotions that I am encountering, are not ones that I’ve composed myself. They are from the heavenly compositions of Michael Parkes.

It’s been just 3 days. Three days ago the President of Swan King International struck a deal with me that would consume my thoughts and time. Now, here I am with new emotions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. When it was confirmed that I, Kammy Hodges owner of Evo Art Maui, was officially the exclusive representative for Michael Parkes in the State of Hawaii, there was an angel giggling as she watched me try to contain my joy. It’s an excitement that is increasingly becoming a part of my daily life. Michael Parkes had given Evo wings. I’m so lucky to be able to represent such a talented artist who’s art, as I learned, is so full of magic and meaning.

So the work began. The official website that exhibits Michael Parkes’ work is sleek, stunning, and professional. With Monday approaching, I knew I had to focus in order to upload close to 200 new works to my website and get back to business by the beginning of the week. What should’ve been a task that I efficiently hammered out and move on from, became an opportunity for me to develop affection for this artist and his body of work. As glimpses of glittering wings and ethereal palettes captured my attention, I could feel myself getting lost in the endless blue skies. The titles sum up ever so simply the harmonious essence that the artist has delicately portrayed into each and every work. Then, there were remarques and stories that subtly allowed me to engage with each piece even further. The stories are about feminine energy, humanity’s involvement in the extinction of precious species, and magical creatures like fairies and angels, that bring light to the world for those who want to see it. To spend the past few days embarking on a discovery about this wonderful body of work has been emotional and empowering. The best part is that it is just the beginning of an endless experience that I will get to relive every time I stare into the magical work of Michael Parkes.

There is something about the final paintings of Michael Parkes that are just too good for this Earth. The way he combines the best aspects of so many artists before him is captivating. The figurative work has the pale, soft nature that was a signature aspect of the Renaissance painters. The portraits are timeless and striking with a hint of Gustav Klimt that demands your eyes to absorb every detail. I would even venture to say that he’s created his own world similar to how Claude Verlinde did but replaced the gloom with glory. To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to tell if the art is from the past or the future. As a body of work, everything he’s done is singular, completely his own and when you lay your eyes on one of his paintings or sculptures, it is undeniably from the mind, hands, and world of Michael Parkes.

So I believe in angels. I believe in angels because they’re believing in me. They’re appearing in paintings, in poetry, and in person. I encourage everyone to ascend to the highest ledge, undress their attachment to the chaotic physical world, and put one foot over the edge of reality, then fly into the Magical World of Michael Parkes.