Breathe, dive & just be. Being underwater with Kelly Hsiao is revitalizing, freeing & entirely the most incredible photography session that I could have imagined. Her calming nature invites you to let go of doubts, insecurities, and expectations so that you can truly enjoy the sensation of gracefulness beneath the surface of the water. Kelly’s singular style is elegant, making the photographs painterly and luxurious.

I love the relaxed feel mixed with the serene blue tones and glowing bubbles.

To watch Kelly being completely comfortable and authentically savoring her moments behind the lens was contagious and swimming together under the sea was fun and inviting to my inner merchild. She lets you be yourself and gently instructs you on how to be free and float upwards towards the surface as she shoots from the right angles through perfectly timed lighting. I loved that Kelly was open to my ideas, allowing me to be involved in the creative process and taking into consideration all of the elements that I desired to exclude so that I felt confident that the photographs would be more about the composition, the elements, the emotions, and the message. Kelly’s perfect attention to detail grants that the photographs and editing are kept to the absolute bare essentials. Kelly is a true alchemist with a simple and striking finish that elevates and prevails. The final pieces printed onto canvas and metal appeal to elite levels of taste as they have harmony and balletic aesthetics. I really enjoy the elegance that they bring in the gallery and many of the admirers are taken aback that a photograph, taken with such class and beauty combined with the underwater sensations, are images that are taken from real life and not a painting or collage. Kelly Hsiao’s work is stunning!

The colors and depth in this photograph are ethereal. I feel so at peace at the bottom of the sea. This was the photograph that I remember hearing the whales singing as if they were right next to us. I was completely lost in the moment.

Above the surface, she is truly a breath of fresh air and every part of her character and attitude make her special, unique & a goddess who brings out the beauty in others. Thank you, Kelly, for allowing me to show the side of myself that I love the most, the side that is happiest in the sea, dancing under the sparkles of the sun and singing with the whales. It was a magical, unforgettable, empowering & gratifying experience to be transformed through your enchanting underwater photographs.

My favorite photo of all!!! If you have met my sweet, beautiful daughter Venice you know that something about her is angelic yet strong. She’s the most wonderful little girl, with a giant heart who, like Mommy, is at peace in the ocean. I’m so eternally grateful for this photograph of her.

Kelly Hsiao

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