Artists see what is invisible to others. These visions, begin as a thought. Here is a collection of thoughts from the artist Carina Francioso.

© 2019 Carina Francioso 

  • “Art is my passion, it makes me so happy… but perhaps it is my happiness that creates the art.”
  • “As an artist, I work with my hands but always strive to work from the heart!”
  • “At the end of the day all that matters is not what you have, but the gifts you share with the world, the way you make people feel, the person you are; that essence that blooms from the inside out.”
  • “Death reminds us what we’re living for… because of you, my WHY is stronger than ever.”
  • “Do your work, offer it to the world.
    Stay humble with your desire to share.
    Give all of yourself to your gifts in service. 
    Do not half-ass it because people will know
    and you will respect yourself less. 
    If you want to change then stop talking about it, start living it, make yourself proud 
    and one day, if and when you do have 
    a family, your children will aspire to be like you
    because you kept your word and will strong.
    Can you fathom that? Never underestimate the power of word, feeling, thanks and prayer
    even if you don’t know who you are praying to.
    Magic happens when attention is given to what is wanted. Chasing after anything will bring you nothing. 
    Be patient and trust the unfolding. 
    Be grateful for the changes 
    even when it feels like BREAKING!
    Be grateful for the failures and the obstacles.
    Be grateful for the teachers and the lessons. 
    Hold your own heart high instead of searching outside for reassurance or confidence. 
    Be a rock in your own convictions.
    Because you are the only one that knows 
    the answers to your questions.”
  • “Have you ever reached for something that seemed so real but was just a beautiful illusion? I have realized that discernment becomes your number one friend as you rise in life because the great, the bad & the ugly will all come to you. The journey of discerning what is best for you is never-ending… Life comes with illusions and #ART is the most beautiful one.”
  • “I think art is about the willingness to let go… to let go of judgments I may have or think others will have towards me and my work. Letting go of a strict outcome or how you thought something would turn out and instead embracing every moment along the way… I think creating ART can teach us much about living life more ease-fully!”
  •  “I trusted the stars and they took me places.”
  • “I’m working with even more detail – striving for #realism with my own painterly touch.”
  • “I’ve been contemplating a lot lately: the subject of my work, water and its connection to everything, my life, my journey as an artist and person, the vastness of the unknown and sometimes my discomfort with it. My art has always taught me one special thing – ‘be here now’. Being near the lake, sea or ocean has offered me this same gift of presence. I guess that’s what I’m desiring to share through my artwork right now.”
  • “Life is a gift
    we have the opportunity and privilege 
    to share and give a piece of ourselves
    to become more than who we once were
    to turn our deepest pains
    into our greatest, most powerful gifts
    and those gifts will reach the right people
    because they are created with truth and heart
    This burning desire will never cease 🌊
    Life is a gift.”
  • “My art has taken me to places I’ve never been!… I am so in love with this craft.” 
  • “No one can create what you can create.
    Something from nothing.
    Don’t be daring enough to win.
    Be daring enough to become better 
    than who you were yesterday.
    On all levels.”
  • “Part of my vision as an #artist has always been to share my work with as many people as I can, in the hopes that it ripples out and brings joy, beauty, and inspiration to others. Isn’t that why we are all here…to create and share?”
  • “The way we color our minds with thoughts is the same way we color our lives. We decide how bright we want our lives to be, who we want to shine with and share with. My art has always been about sharing beauty with the world. Although my colors may not be the same as yours, one thing I know for certain is that our gifts are meant to be shared!”
  • “This universe takes nothing from us. It gives its beauty and its fruits and asks nothing in return. I want to wake up every day and smile at its sun and bathe in its waters and feel grateful for its gifts.” 
  • “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.”
    ~Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad
  • “What would we do without clean water? Well, there are many countries that go without it, many women and children who have to walk for hours to find clean water and bring it home to their families. My goal with these works is to not only capture water’s beauty but also to bring awareness to the preservation, protection and availability of our clean waters and to the TIME it takes to create beauty & positive change!”
  • “When a person decides not to be defined by what they do or create, magic happens, doors open, your eyes brighten, your work becomes service and an extension of you . And I’m talking about the doors you once dreamt about as a child. I’m talking about the smile or laughter that lights up a room. I’m talking about the you who has nothing to prove. You see, the world only sees you, as you see yourself. 
    People ask where my inspiration comes from. 
    It comes from intentionally creating it. 
    It comes from my perspective on life. 
    It comes from living the way I want to. 
    It comes from doing what I love. 
    It comes from the people around me and deciding to feel every moment. 
    Stop living in boxes and acting as though you have a million other lives to live, (only one☝🏻), this one . Start creating intentionally…”


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