Artists see what is invisible to others. These visions, begin as a thought. Here is a collection of thoughts from the artist Claudio Souza Pinto.

© 2019 Claudio Souza Pinto

  • “Everybody wears a mask. Depending on the occasion, we wear the appropriate mask.
    Society judges us by our appearances, whether it be our clothes, tattoos, weight, jewelry or color of skin, we are all judged.
    But when we fall in love, and if only to the person we’re in love with, we expose our vulnerabilities; and at that juncture, the clothes begin to dissipate to reveal our truth, which is our heart.”
  • “I am sitting here quietly, but my mind never stops, it is always creating something.”
  • “I paint the clothes of the person because society only values the appearance, but they only camouflage feelings. We all have different shades of behavior, which arise according to the occasion.”
  • “I transform situations of everyday life with a surreal filter and create fantastic and humorous images.”
  • “I was born with a gift. I never learned to draw or paint. So I consider unfair not to share my gift with the others…”
  • “I would like to pass on a message to all those who like art and especially to artists. Always continue your work with perseverance. It is difficult, an artist’s life is very hard, but…” (interview shows an emotional moment where the sentence is completed with Claudio simply bringing his hand to his heart).
  • “In truth my pieces, each one is like a child to me. It is information that I am sharing and I try and share my children with everyone. So that brings unity, great unity.”
  • “It is very rare for me to paint a sad picture, I like painting positive things, because we have a world with so much sadness, a lot of inequality, so I like to show the more positive side. That is what we should seek out.”
  • Life is too short to be late
    In a blink, you can lost what took you years
    In a breath, you can loose every word that you once said
    Now it’s too late to be disapproved
    If they gave me one more day, one more chance
    I would not even look at the watch again
    So then i could thrown away that useless golden shell
    That kept me draggin down day after day.”
  • “The moment I created that character, I felt the need to inform people of what the world needs. 

    The world needs a lot of love. People need to come together more, respect the feelings of others more.”

  • “They represent our daily routine’s situations.

    Sometimes you see a man melting down for his lover, sometimes you see a corrupt politician or an artist that needs to work his hays to the bone to survive from its work.”


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