loving Exuberant, vibrant and in the world of fine art, maybe even a little defiant.

Those are the words that come to me after familiarizing myself with the body of work of Portugal’s fine Artist, Carla Sa Fernandes. At first glance, her paintings overwhelm you with color. As your eyes adjust you realize that she’s mastered the art form of coloring outside the lines and each stroke has a purpose.

Carla’s current body of work, The Emotional Creation, is impressive in impact and in size. She creates giant pieces stretching to 100 inches or more completely covering the canvas by pouring herself out onto it, in the form of acrylic paint. It’s abstract, it’s expressive, it’s modern and it’s merging the realms of gallery quality artwork and affordable art from the online marketplace. This is where she has found a way to break the rules.

An artist is lucky if they find success at all doing what they love. Carla is finding it on many platforms and extending her reach to homes around the globe. She’s stood out among thousands and risen to become the best seller on online art sites, selling more than 500 original acrylic paintings on canvas over the past five years since she “gave up her day job” as a chemical engineer. This is what I love about Carla, her art is proof that art is in us all.

From the first time I spoke with Carla, I knew that she would be a good fit for this new, innovative business model I have envisioned for Evo Art Maui. She knew right away, too as she wrote to me, “You have such positive energy (just like me and my art!) – I believe we will work very well together.
I’ve loved reading your story, very similar to mine… I am a very happy, unpretentious and fulfilled professional artist (but was a chemical engineer for several years, with art as a par-time) and my mother is also smiling from the sky – I am sure she is very proud of me! I am fortunate and blessed to have a wonderful family (my father, my sister, my husband and an 11 years old son, who takes singing classes and wants to be a pilot)  and to create and live from my art.” Her pure emotions show in her art and her deep love for her family shines through in every conversation.

We both humbly, gratefully and fearlessly move forward together breaking into a new art market on Maui.

I hope Carla Sa Fernandes inspires more artists to seek success in doing what they love. You do not have to square yourself into the box of the gallery and lose your creativity. You do not have to give up global exposure at high-end galleries just because you’re successfully selling your artwork online.

Color outside the lines, create new colors, create new lines… just keep creating.