The longer I live the more clearly I realize that everything is connected.
Everything is alive and sharing energy.
Solar systems and galaxies are expanding into infinity while human consciousness remains supremely dazzled by the mysteries of how this is all happening and why.
The longer I live the more easily I am conscious of my own connection to everything that is, and why life itself is magical.
 Really good magic needs no explanation.  It’s magic.
If you’re able to figure out how it’s done then it’s not magic anymore…’s just physics and science with some lighting effects.
The longer I live the more grateful I am to be alive in a magic show that’s so phenomenally awesome that we’re all dumbfounded by the brilliance of the experience and we eventually find out that everything is……..magic.
I’m studying magic and plan on becoming a magician someday.  Baby steps. I am gonna be working on a disappearing act. Poof.