Artists see what is invisible to others. These visions, begin as a thought. Here is a collection of thoughts from the artist Gary Savage.

© 2019 Gary Savage

  • “Art reflects who we are, what we’re experiencing and why we’re here. It’s how we understand who we are, it’s the mirror of our culture.”

  • “Bafflement…is our

    Super power.

    Art is fluid energy

    We have a great opportunity to energize and delight.”

  • “Everyone feeds at the trough of art and it enriches our lives. We all get fed and it nurtures our souls.”

  • “I will focus on making my art so exciting and exceptional ….that it’s enchanting and irresistible…”

  • “My art is about celebrating life through appreciating the love and beauty that surrounds us every day. My art can also be a window into the realm of dreams where we may visualize and realize some of our dreams, especially the ones we all share. There is so much beauty around us. We are so blessed to live in this glorious world overflowing with wonderful, awesome and spectacular scenes. I love it all. All of it is inspiring to me. I must admit when my muse calls me, and I am inspired in the very heart of me, I find that some of the richest and most amazing beauty is found in people. We are so beautiful, we are! I love painting us. (I like painting the dolphins too!)”

  • “My dear magical goddess hold your power in a way that shows everyone gracious, beautiful and positive vibrations.  You’re extremely powerful and brimming with energy that’s fresh and evolving…..”

  • “That’s me.

    Universalist and one who roams freely in the realm of infinite possibilities.”

  • “The 1st time I saw the Van Gogh’s in person the real Van Gogh’s the actual art I was moved beyond belief to tears unbelievable tears huge deep feelings erupted from within me just looking at these paintings and my entire life I’d seen pictures in books and I thought these are interesting Van Gogh’s great there’s definitely something here but when I stood in front of the actual work it was only then I could see what it really was.”

  • “The magic is in our hearts

    It’s a very different kind of ceremony…

    There’s little  gun powder involved.”

  • “There are few true visionaries….

    They come and go…  Rarely…..

    Once they succumb to the status quo..

    Their vision is quaffed.  Trimmed…


    Out goes the fire of true inspiration.  .

    Then it’s rehashing old views and repetitive  imagery of what was once hot.

    Worn out and working for gold coins they creep along as miners digging up pretty much empty pans of tired and useless


    Enter the true visionaries….

    They never grab on to the status quo…

    They alone are exploring the unique possibilities of what is becoming…

    They alone  are the true avante guard ….they alone see……

    Cutting through the clouds of nonsensical horse pucky… .

    images of  AGAIN and AGAIN……

    Barf.. vomit.. and ordinary……urp.

    Visions can enthrall…..

    Visions can ignite…

    The human spirit. …

    God bless the God damn visionaries…

    For without us there’s no fucking reason to be born…

    Unless boredom

    Gets you off. “

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  • “Universalist energy is attracting more people who are kindred spirits….”
  • “Without art, we are blind.”