What an experience this has been! Less than six months ago I was a sales consultant enthusiastically pursuing a career in the art industry. Now, in four days, I am preparing for the Grand Opening of an art gallery of our own. This is incredible!

The experience has been humbling and unforgettable. First, there were so many small choices to make. The first was the company name. For years now, I always knew I wanted a company called Evo, an abbreviation of evolution. As a forward-thinking person, I feel like this short, yet sweet name holds it’s own empowerment. It’s about growing and adapting to whatever life presents to you. Art truly is an embodiment of evolution and mirrors the changes in humanity, making it the perfect fit for a name of an art gallery. The type of gallery I’m constructing is a reflection of the name, it’s different than what has been done before. Evo Art Maui, who we are, what we have and where we are, is different and futuristic. The name says it all!

It was sometime in the middle of May when I began registering the business. Since then, I took on as much as I could humanly handle. With very little help, I researched and taught myself how to build an enterprise-class website. I knew that in order to provide clients with the best possible service, I needed to offer the most innovative features available, the features that they deserve. With augmented reality, there are endless possibilities. Clients have the ability to preview art in various settings and even use their own devices to project it onto the wall in their home. While art is usually love at first sight, it’s more convenient than ever to receive the extra assurance that the piece you love will also go well in your home. It also gives the gallery the ability to show endless works to the clients with just a click. The artwork is even shown to scale! I can’t wait to combine augmented reality with my presentations and see where it takes us.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about location and no one knows the locations better than the locals! My boyfriend Russell is born and raised in Maui. He suggested that we inquire about the cost to rent a small space on the golden corner of the world-famous boardwalk in Lahaina called Front St. He had seen the charming blue building in it’s prime when it was throbbing with life and customers. Owning a successful business himself that he created from the ground up, I knew that he really believed in this location. After a tumultuous couple of months, we were able to finalize the lease negotiations and let the boys inside to renovate!

I could describe the pains of taking on a remodel, but I’d prefer not to relive it. Let’s just say, it’s never what you think it’s going to be. From August 1, 2019, to September 15, 2019, we took a vacant and lonely corner and turned it into a high-class gallery showroom! The blue marble floors shine from the outside, in. We created a curved path that allows the admirers to flow through the gallery space effortlessly. After laboring away in the heat for weeks, the cold air was finally able to flow and a magical carpenter single-handedly built 9 moveable walls in just two weeks. The colors are muted and cool, with dark accents throughout. Everything is brand new and while I made plenty of mistakes along the way, I’m blown away by what we have accomplished so quickly and against all odds.

The work is just beginning. I have so much to do! However, the doors will be open this Sunday, September 15, 2019. Locals and visitors alike are welcome to indulge in the contemporary and eclectic collection here at Evo Art Maui. I hope that their eyes gleam and their cheeks lift up from their smiles as they experience a world full of art of all styles. If we don’t have a piece they love, I will venture out beyond my gallery walls to try to find the art that moves them in a way that only art can. I’m with high hopes that everyone will have a great experience and also bear with me through the learning curves. Evo Art Maui is going to be an exceptional addition to an already amazing world of art on Front Street.

Besides connecting collectors with the art they love, we are celebrating something so much more special than just sales. This wouldn’t have been possible without the love, support and help of my family. Everyone has been so wonderful and this is about people who love each other coming together to celebrate life. In fact, September 15th is my Father’s 77th birthday. He has flown in from Mexico and is helping me with all of the final touches. My children have behaved beautifully as my attention has been diverted into this new business. Russell has gone to impossible lengths to be the man I needed during this demanding time in our lives. My sisters have dealt with me sending them more art than they can handle and allow me to be enthusiastic about something they know I have always loved, art. It is with sacrifice and with love that we are creating a positive and promising new business in paradise, together as a family.

May Sunday be the end of something old and the beginning of something new! Let’s toast, to the love of art!!!!