At Evo Art Maui we love art just as much as you do. We know that there may be many works from various artists that you enjoy deeply.

If you find any pieces that you would like to acquire, please contact us so we can assist you in your collecting experience, no matter who the artist is. 

The list below was curated by Evo Art Maui Gallery owner Kammy Hodges. Each artist was individually chosen and reviewed to verify quality and relevance in the art industry. This list is intended for consultants and collectors to be used as a resource to customize the collecting experience, not to be duplicated. The websites and works of art are property and copyright material of the individual artist and representatives. Evo has extensive knowledge and can assist you with acquiring more information upon request. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, additions or removals at any time.


  •  Adrian Cox:  Contemporary, Magic Realism, New Figurative, Pop Surrealism
  • Aldo Luongo: Figurative, Impressionist, Portrait, Romance
  • Alena Shymchonak: Aerial Beach Scenes, Contemporary, Impressionism, Landscape, Palette Knife
  • Alex Fishgoyt
  • Alexandria: Digital, Figurative, Magical and Surrealistic Photography
  • Alexei Butirskiy: Impressionism, Landscape, Luminism
  • Amy Judd: Contemporary, Portrait
  • Andrius Kovelinas
  • Anna Maiko: Contemporary, Dreamy, Figurative, Floral, Portrait, Realism, Surrealism
  • Antonio Di Vaccaro
  • Arcade Latour: Abstract
  • Ben Young: Contemporary Glass and Concrete Sculptor
  • Beth Fowler
  • Bill MackBronze Relief Sculpture, Hollywood Sign
  • Brandon Kralik:  Contemporary, Classical, Still Life, Landscape, Portraiture, Kitsch
  • Carmen Gardner: Watercolor
  • Chester Fields
  • Christina Craemer: Contemporary
  • Chuck Close: Celebrity Portrait, Contemporary, Figurative, Photo Realism
  • Coplu: Contemporary, Happy, Romantic
  • Connie Adams: Abstract, Floral, Hawaiian
  • Craig Alan: Abstract, Conceptual, Figurative, Modern
  • Cristiam Ramos:  Celebrity Portraits, Contemporary, Figurative, Mixed-Media, Realism, Sculptor, Surrealism, Unusual
  • Daniel Wall: Intense Impressionism
  • David Miller: Contemporary, Hawaiian, Marine Life, Metal, Realism, Underwater
  • David NeaceMaster Colored Pencil Artist, Machines & Automobiles
  • David Pinegar: Abstract
  • David Unger
  • Di Vogo: Contemporary, Magic Realism, Surrealism
  • Diana Lehr: Abstract, Contemporary, Light Projections
  • Di Vogo: Contemporary, Magic Realism, Surrealism
  • Dmitri Annekov: Realism, Still Life
  • Don Dahlke: Architectural Realism
  • Douglas Ball: Hawaiiana
  • Elena Bond: Impressionism
  • Elisa SheehanNature and Traditionalism combined into Modern Art, Multi-Media (eggshells)
  • Ernest Arrisueno
  • Evandro Schiavone: Surrealism
  • Eyvind Earle
  • Frank StellaHard-Edge Painting, Minimalistic Abstract Impressionism 
  • Gary Savage: Dreamscape, Multi-Style, Pop Art, Portrait, Realism, Street Art, Surrealism
  • Gaylord Ho: Figurative Sculptor
  • Gioacchino Passini: Floral and Still Life Hyperrealism
  • Gleb Boloubetski: Impressionism
  • Gyuri Lohmuller: Surrealism
  • Hae-Kwang Jeong: Figurative, Hyperrealism, Oriental
  • Henry Ascencio: Abstract, Contemporary, Expressionism, Figurative, Naturalist, Portrait 
  • Javier Arizabalo Garcia: Figurative, Hyperrealism
  • Jeff KoonsContemporary, Monumental Sculptures
  • Jose Cacho: Contemporary, Figurative, Gold Leaf, Mixed-Media
  • Julie Kluh: Hawaii, Landscape, Marine, Realism, Water
  • Kate Carney: Impressionsim, Landscape, Naturalist, Plein-Air
  • Kathryn Johnston: Abstract, Animals, Contemporary, Flowers, Landscape, Life Studies, Seascape, Skyscape, Still Life
  • Kenneth Beckett: Woodcut Art
  • Keoni: Contemporary Wood Art
  • Kevin Sloan: Allegorical Realism, Contemporary, Surrealism
  • Kiki SmithFigurative Representations of Mortality and Sexuality with Influence of Surrealism
  • Leon Devenice: Abstract, Contemporary, Figurative, Impressionism, Landscape, Seascape, Wildlife
  • Louise Numina: Abstract Aboriginal
  • Magdolna Ban: Contemporary, Scenic
  • Man Ray: Abstract, Avant-Garde, Dadaism, Surrealism – Photography
  • Marco Grassi: Figurative, Hyperrealism, Surrealism
  • Marco PettinariAbstract, Contemporary, Drip Painting, Experimental, Hard-Edged, Modern 
  • Margaret Bedell: Hawaiian Fauna
  • Mark MacKay: Clay, Hawaiian, Landscape, Marine Life, Mosaic, Murals, Sculptor, Tile
  • Marisela Bracho: Hawaiian Landscape
  • Matt Story: Contemporary, Figurative, Hyperrealism, Underwater
  • Michael Nadorzi: Contemporary
  • Michael Provenza: Contemporary, Disney, Magical, Pointillistic, Pop Art, Realism, Surrealism
  • Michael Stark: Hawaiian, Impressionism, Landscape, Palette Knife
  • Michael Torquato De Nicola: Abstract, Contemporary, Mixed Media, Modern Primitive
  • Mike Dargas: Contemporary, Portrait, Realism
  • Nikolai Shurygin: Portrait, Realism
  • Nisla: Contemporary, Figurative, Seascape
  • Nobuyuki Shimamura: Hyperrealism, Oriental, Portrait
  • Octavio Florescu: Surrealism
  • Oryan: Landscape, Mixed-Media Landscape
  • Phil Clarke: Surealism
  • Philip Gerrard: Realism, Still Life
  • Prince Charles: Landscape
  • Retna: Contemporary, Graffiti
  • Rhia Hurt: Contemporary, Sculptor, Transparencies
  • Robert Deyber
  • Robert Thomas: Contemporary, Hawaiian, Landscape, Marine Life, Realism, Seascape
  • Rod Cameron: Hawaiian Figurative
  • Roy Schallenberg
  • Sergio Lopez: Contemporary, Figurative, Plein Air
  • Shawn Conn: Abstract, Celebrity Portrait, Figurative
  • Sindie Warren: Abstract, Contemporary, Fluid Art, Marine Life, Pour, Resin
  • Takefumi Hori: Abstract Merging Eastern and Western Influences, Gold and Silver 
  • Thor Lindeneg: Surrealism
  • Victor Bregeda: Meta-Realism, Plein Air Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Surrealism
  • Victor Nizovtsev: Marine, Mermaid, Realism
  • WylandMarine Painter and Sculptor
  • Yankel Ginzburg: Abstract, Modern
  • Yuliya (Julia) Galeeva: Floral, Hawaiian, Impressionism, Landscape, Marine Life, Mystical Reality, Still Life, Underwater


  • Ed LaneHawaiian, Impressionism
  • Henri MatisseColorism, Fauvism, Modern, Neo-Impressionism, Post-Impressionism
  • Henri RousseauAvant-Garde, Naive, Post Impressionist, Primitivism
  • Joan Miro: Abstract, Dada, Experimental, Mural, Sculptor, Surrealism
  • Keith Haring: Contemporary, Graffiti, Neo-Expressionism, Pop Art, Street Art
  • Marc Chagall: Cubism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Modern, Surrealism
  • Maurice SendakChildren’s Book Where The Wild Things Are Illustration
  • Pablo Picasso: Abstract, Cubism, Expressionism, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism
  • Paul Cezanne: Cubism, Modern, Post Impressionism, Romaticism, Still Life


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