What is an interior without artwork? We love to see happy collectors have done with their art collection. Get inspired!

When you fall in love, but you have a modern home, don’t count it out. Mixing different styles, genres & eras of art can harmonize a space and show the many facets of your personality.

Source: © Larry’s List via © 1st Dibs

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Love paintings… and sculptures? Out of wall space but work closely with a talented artist who would accept a ceiling commission? Wall sculptures, installations, and relief sculptures add form and three-dimensional eye candy for your home.

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Have you ever passed on a piece of art that you loved because it wasn’t the right color? This interior demonstrates how bold can be amazing! I always tell collectors, that if you love the piece that you’ll find a spot for it.


Source: © Larry’s List via © Belle Magazine AU

Photography: © Derek Swalwell

Artist: © Dane Lovett

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This modern room makes us want to keep it simple. I love how much can be said art. This room shows power, confidence & a love of natural things.

Source: © Hall Spassov

Artist: © Kit King

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Let your eyes settle into the painting and you’ll be able to depict the figure within the shapes and colors. The size and color really compliment this space and create a striking focal point that transforms this room from ordinary to exquisite.

Artist: © Ricardo De La Torre

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The movement in a piece of art, even when simple, can really spruce up an interior. The juxtaposing lines in this room make the art stand out even more.

Source: © Larry’s List

Artist: © Lee Ufan

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Browse artist Carla Sa Fernandes.


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