This is the question that I know I will be hearing every day. Is it real? Amazed travelers from all over the world gravitate to the charming town of Lahaina where they are spoiled with a plethora of art galleries offering a wide variety of styles. When Evo Art Maui opens our Front St. doors I am sure that many of the lucky visitors will be awestruck by the intricate and fluid compositions of the rising hyperrealistic star, Carina Francioso. And the question that I will hear every day will be, “Is it real?”.

It’s real. Yes, it is real. Real paintings created by a real woman who really loves what she does. It’s also real that two young millennial women can collaborate to achieve even their greatest ambitions. Having visited Lahaina before, Carina knew right away that her art would have a home here. One of her works is already titled, “Remembering Ka’anapali”. Over the period of a very busy two weeks, we found a way to finally connect on the phone to iron out the wrinkles of a new artist-gallery relationship. Carina, who was preparing for an artist residency trip to the Newfoundland, managed to prepare two limited editions works for display at Evo Art Maui. Her focus was clearly on painting and from what I could tell, she is swimming in paints and happily lost in the sea of her canvas. Isn’t this what art is about? Not just falling in love with it, but diving into it, drowning in it until it flows out of you like water.

Maui seems to have a way of embracing the people that love her and showing them love in return. It’s a mystical place, a healing island where dreams come true. For me, living in Maui is already my life’s truest bliss. Now, another young girl who had fallen in love before is rekindling a romance with this sacred, Hawaiian island. What does Maui have planned for Carina and me? The potential is real.

-Kammy Hodges. Owner of Evo Art Maui.