Amidst the global pause caused by the coronavirus pandemic, artists haven’t stopped being artists.

There is no switch for imagination, there is no replacement for a paintbrush.

Isolation only inspires their minds to explore inwardly and to be allotted the space to hyperfocus on their current journey of expression.

We have all heard the term “true colors” in reference to when one experiences hardships. The true artist is a rare breed that has always been in pursuit of their true colors.

They’ve overcome self-doubt, they sharpened broken pencils, resisted in spite of rejection, defied limits, created new rules by breaking old ones, and have spent their lives learning which mistakes to cover up and which ones to include.

We, like artists, can all learn to not only adapt but to leave everything more beautiful than how we found it.

Here in Lahaina, gallery representation is the only variable that has been removed from the equation, as all of the Front Street Galleries remain shut down since COVID-19 forced closures earlier this year in March. The impact? Colossal.

How does the city of Lahaina respond?

We respond with aloha, with optimism, with innovation & devotion. Lahaina galleries are uniting to combine our unique skills and specialties so that we can continue to beautify the world with the wonderful art of Lahaina.

Afterall, Lahaina did not scale into one of the most lucrative art destinations in the world through a lack of creativity.

What was once a quiet, charming fishing town has grown into an art megapolis with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.

Lahaina art galleries are the paradigm of fine art, elevating the quality, selection, and experience of everyone who is a part of it for decades.

Lahaina has carried on not only the tradition of a simple street artist beautifully capturing the smiling faces of families on vacation but also the grandeur of a high scale collection of elite artists exhibited in gorgeous gallery spaces open to the public.

Where else in the world can you acquire a 3 million dollar Anthony Quinn original, an $80,000 Christian Reese Lassen original, a $30,000 Picasso Linocut, a $5,000 Vladimir Kush Limited Edition, a $2,500 Michael Parkes dragon bronze sculpture, or a $150 photograph of a Maui sunset on metal all on the same street? Do you desire a Robert Bissell painting of polar bears for your home in Alaska? Do you want a tropical Hawaiian scene painted onto Hawaiia’s native koa wood by Walfrido Garcia? Do you want contemporary or classical, abstract or landscape, realistic or surreal? Lahaina is a premiere buffet for art admirers of all origins and tastes.

Lahaina is a thriving art community and each visitor that becomes a collector here doesn’t just acquire a canvas with paint, but an experience that reminds them of how inspiring the beauty of Hawaii can be.

With just one look at your art, you can travel there again and again.

When I decided to open my own gallery, I knew it would be about so much more than just the pictures on the wall.

Lahaina had heart, it had a history, and to become a part of that, I had to embrace it.

That’s why from the very beginning Evo Art Maui has pursued a consulting based business model where we serve the city and the collector, not just our own inventory.

You can find many references on our website that can guide you. We created a list of all of the Front Street Galleries with links to their websites. We have a massive Index of Artists that sends you to their online presence. Our resources expand into an art glossary, art industry formalities tips, inspiring quotes, & so much more.

As you can see, we pride ourselves on truly caring about the collector.

Which is why we are so excited to be able to further our consulting services as we have teamed with the spectacular gallery of

Sargent’s Fine Art

to be able to expand our knowledge and offerings into a selection of the work from their walls, as well.

Photo Credit: Sargent’s Fine Art

To learn more about the fabulous gallery that’s been in business since 1994, their impressive roster of artists and experienced team of consultants, click here.

Dick Sargent, owner, & Kim Jacoby, director, are displaying a profound consideration for the continued success of those they represent. It shows that the world of fine art is one of integrity where business owners make decisions to be like their artists by exploring new techniques and being open to new ideas. This act of devotion is what each and every artist deserves from their representatives because it is exactly what they offer to the world. We are honored to have the opportunity to present a new Avante-guard concept of gallery collaboration together.

With the gorgeous artwork of Sargent’s Fine Art and the robust, augmented reality enabled website here at Evo Art Maui, we are combining our resources to offer even more to our artists and collectors.

What does this really go to show?

Lahaina is not a band of art galleries that are stacked beside each other without connection, but we are a chain, all of us linked with the overall goal of servicing the collector with some of the finest gallery collectible artwork in the world.

Here is a preview of artists from Sargent’s Fine Art that will be directly featured by Evo Art Maui.

My greatest hope is that it touches something in someone else in a way that connects us as human beings. Proof that we are not alone.
When he finds a view that inspires him, Gleb will sit and absorb it for some time, paying particular attention to how the natural light conditions of the day influence his perspective and moreover his emotional response.
I want my art to reflect the joy that comes from living on this island surrounded by water and I hope to share my happiness with those who have experienced this beauty as well.
Arcade Latour offers intriguing works of intense color created through the use of the age-old medium that is printer’s ink. Fascinated by the intensity of the colors and the density of its texture, he made it his passion to explore and master its possibilities.

Begin your Lahaina art experience virtually and explore our online store today.