Meet in


We bring the art to you.


         Our on-site services allows us to evaluate on a closer level.

         By taking an in person tour we will  have a better understanding of what pieces of artwork will fit both your home and your heart the best. We will photograph and measure the spaces while also discussing and discovering the types of artwork that you will enjoy most.

We offer an extensive personal art consultant service.


         A work of art may move you deeply and be the perfect match, but is it the best value?

         You want to know that you’re getting what you’re paying for, that is why our expertise is all for you.

         We will make sure you get the answers that you need for the art that you want.


         Evo Art Maui will assist you with finalizing the entire collecting experience right up until the art is hung up on the wall. 

         We can help with tracking the shipment, unpacking the artwork, lighting, hanging, insuring, and maybe even one day, reselling your art.

         From the start until the end we are a higher purpose gallery


Lahaina, HI 96761 USA