As the COVID Pandemic seeps its fangs into the flesh of small businesses, Maui becomes one of it’s most helpless victims.

Many of the doors closed 4 months ago in March when Coronavirus began making itself known. A temporary shut down, we thought.

As we quarantined in our homes, enjoying the newly provided downtime and work from home status quo, there was still an air of certainty that all would settle back down and business would go back to normal.

This false security slowly began to fade. Art galleries took a heavy hit being a nonessential business and slowly but surely each time we drove down Front St. another retail location had emptied its shelves and turned off the lights. Lahaina Galleries had just closed it’s Front Street doors after 44 years as the landlords decided to retake the space right before the virus hit in March. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as more stores and galleries followed suit due to the financial burden imposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Glass Mango & Daryl Millard Gallery have shut its doors, Maui Built Clothing, Jewelry Stores from various locations, and rumor has it Vladimir Kush’s metaphorical creations at Kush Fine Art will no longer awe Lahaina visitors as they consider new ventures in higher populated cities such as Miami. Bill Wyland closed his Grand Wailea pop up store & many of the fine art on metal photography shops are letting go of their storefronts as well. This hasn’t only affected Lahaina, as restaurants across the islands are forced to permanently close even after attempting to promote delivery and marketing to the local community. What remains are the established entrepreneurs and we applaud the survivors such as we applaud those who gave it all to attempt the American Dream.

Continue below to see a list of open businesses.

Evo Art Maui is among the businesses that have forfeited it’s prestigious Front Street gallery. Our beautiful remodel of a 750 SF corner shop in the historic Longhi’s building has been cleared out and returned to the landlords. We are filled with gratitude for the experience. I devoted myself entirely to the new business for 6 grueling and rewarding months. Days off were far and few in between and a workday usually wasn’t under 10 hours. Months before opening we began the planning and months after the closure we have continued to promote our talented artists to our best ability while balancing our personal lives through the many unknowns during the trying 2020. We opened September 15, 2019, and even though we are not in the same location, we are still in business, scouting new locations (advantageously benefiting from the lowered costs of rents due to vacancies), and growing our online audience. Our unique business model has allowed us to sell works for other galleries, like Rene Lalonde at Martin Lawrence Galleries, through our connections to owners and directors at neighboring stores. We have successfully made online sales and found new homes for many of our second hand consigned works of art by painters such as Vladimir Kush & Jim Carrey. We are fine-tuning our portfolio, revamping our website, and expanding our online inventory. There is much more to come from Evo and we are confident that this pivot is a forward push in the direction of our inevitable growth. We thank all of the artists, friends, investors, collectors, workers, and admirers who made our gallery at 888 Front St. a special first gallery for Evo Art Maui!

One of the blessings in disguise that COVID-19 has given to our tropical home is the space to breathe. With the decrease in traffic, both on land and in ocean, the environment has had a chance to bounce back. Coral reefs and sea life are looking healthier while the slow island-style pace has given us locals an opportunity to garden, learn to surf, focus on more community-oriented ventures and reconsider what our economy is capable of.

While visitors are still required to comply with a 14-day quarantine, what better place to be trapped than Hawaii? With consideration to the health of our fragile community & elders, testing prior to visiting and strict adherence to the government mandates can allow for a wonderful chance to take an extended trip to the island.

We received from the Lahaina Restoration Foundation this link informing us of which businesses in Lahaina are currently OPEN!!!

Open Businesses

Please visit the Open Businesses Link for updated data.


Lahaina Historic Trail – Lahaina Historic District – 661-3262
Daily: self-guided; click link for map

Old Lahaina Prison – 187 Prison Street – 661-3262
Daily: 9am – 4pm


Best Western Pioneer Inn – 658 Wharf Street – 661-3636
24-Hours/7-Days A Week:  Call for Reservations


OLD LAHAINA CENTER – 845 Waine’e Street – 667-9216
Visit the Directory for individual store hours

SHOPS AT 505 – 505 Front Street – 661-3504
Visit the Directory for individual store hours

THE MARKETPLACE AT LAHAINA – 790 Front Street – 667-9216
Visit the Directory  for individual store hours

THE WHARF – 658 Front Street – 661-8748
Visit the Directory for individual store hours

THE OUTLETS OF MAUI – 900 Front Street – 661-8277
Visit the Directory for individual store hours


Bad Ass Coffee – 671 Front Street – 661-0942
Daily:  7am-1pm

Banyan Treats – 658 Wharf Street, Suite 9 – 661-5854
Daily:  12pm-8pm

Breakwall Shave Ice – 658 Front Street, #104 – 661-4900
Daily: 8am-11pm

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company – 889 Front Street – 661-3111
Wednesday-Sunday:  12pm-8pm

Café Café Maui – 129 Lahainaluna Road – 661-0006
Daily:  7am-3pm

Chilangos Mexican Cuisine – 117 Prison Street – 276-3457
Monday-Saturday:  10:30am-6pm

Dirty Monkey – 844 Front Street – 419-6268
Thursday-Saturday:  5pm-10pm

Down the Hatch – 658 Front Street, #102 – 661-4900
Daily: 8am-11pm

Hawaiian Gelato – 700 Front Street – 661-1011
Friday & Saturday: 2pm-8pm

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse – 136 Dickenson Street – 667-5555
Thursday-Sunday:  5pm-9pm

Lahaina Pizza Company – 730 Front Street – 661-0700
Daily:  11am-8pm

Lahaina Sushi Ko – 884 Front Street, Suite 106 – 214-5352
Tuesday-Sunday:  4pm-8:30pm

Mala Ocean Tavern – 1307 Front Street – 667-9394
Daily: Sunday-Thursday 9am-9pm; Friday-Saturday 9am-12am

Maui’s Best Banana Bread & Coffee Co. – 180 Dickenson, Suite 115 – 661-6216
Daily:  7am-2pm

Paia Fish Market – 632 Front Street – 662-3456
Daily:  12pm-8:30pm

Papa’aina at the Pioneer Inn – 658 Wharf Street – 661-3636
Daily: 8am – 1:00pm

Penne Pasta Café – 180 Dickenson Street, Suite 113 – 661-6633
Daily:  11am-8pm

Prison Street Pizza – 133C Prison Street – 662-3332
Daily:  11am-8:30pm

Sunrise Café – 693-A Front Street – 661-8558
Wednesday-Sunday:  7am-1pm

Take Home Maui – 121 Dickenson Street – 661-8067
Monday-Saturday:  10am-4pm; Sunday 10am-3pm

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice – 790 Front Street – 667-9216
Friday-Sunday:  10:30am-6pm


Cariloha – 824 Front Street – 214-5503
Hours:  11am-7pm (Days vary)

Dan’s Green House, LLC – 626 Front Street, Suite 4 – 661-8412
Daily:  10am-6pm

Goin Left – 143 Dickenson Street, Suite 101 – 868-3805
By Appointment Only (Call)

Hurley Lahaina – 855-C Front Street – 667-9283
Daily:  11am-7pm

Jewelry Stand Maui – 819 Front Street – 516-639-1196
Days Vary (Call)

Kama Lei Design – 626 Front Street – 662-1516
Thursday-Sunday:  12pm-5pm

Lahaina Printsellers – 764 Front Street – 667-7874
By Appointment Only (Call)

Lahaina Yacht Club Ship Store – 835 Front Street – 667-7909
Tuesday-Saturday:  12pm-5pm

Malibu Shirts Lahaina – 780 Front Street, Suite 1 – 661-3300
Daily:  12pm-6pm

Rip Curl – Maui – 818 Front Street – 662-7055
Daily:  12pm-5pm

Sunglass Hut – 760 Front Street – 661-8296
Daily:  12pm-6pm

Sunglass Hut – 845 Front Street – 661-8844
Daily:  12pm-6pm

The Stoke House – 855-B Front Street – 667-5358
Daily:  11am-7pm

Vans – 709 Front Street – 661-1578
Daily:  12pm-6pm

Village Gallery Gift Shop – 120 Dickenson Street – 268-3750
By Appointment Only (Call)

Vintage European Posters – 744 Front Street – 662-8688
By Appointment Only (Call)

Volcom – 701 Front Street – 661-0960
Daily:  10am-4pm; Friday & Saturday:  10am-6pm

Whaler’s Locker – 780 Front Street, Suite 6 – 661-3775
Tuesday-Sunday:  11am-5pm


Kingwell Art – 834 Front Street, Suite 103 – 281-2945
By Appointment Only (Call)

Martin Lawrence Galleries – 790 Front Street – 661-1788
Daily:  11am-5pm

Village Gallery – 120 Dickenson Street – 268-3750
By Appointment Only (Call)


Expeditions: The Maui-Lana’i Ferry – Lahaina Harbor – 661-3756
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:45am & 3:15pm from Lahaina; 8:00am & 4:30pm from Lana’i

GungHo Sailing – Private Charters – Slip 78, Lahaina Harbor – 269-5261
Private Charters Daily:  Call for Reservations

PacWhale Eco-Adventures – 612 Front Street – 856-8357
Kama’aina Tours Friday-Sunday: Call for Reservations
Private Charters Daily: Call for Reservations

Trilogy Excursions – 675 Wharf Street – 661-4743
Private Charters Daily:  Call for Reservations

Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel – 675 Wharf Street – 677-5678
Private Charters Daily:  Call for Reservations

West Maui Parasail – 675 Wharf Street – 661-4060
Wednesdays & Saturdays – Call for Reservations


Blue Hawaiian Tattoo & Piercing Maui – 143 Lahainaluna Road – 662-1234
By Appointment Only (Call)

Skin Factory Tattoo Maui – 790 Front Street – 661-5511
By Appointment Only (Call)

Mahalo Nui!