Evo Art Maui Owners: Gary & Kammy Hodges

“That which is done with love is well done.”

– Vincent Van Gogh


Our story starts as all stories do.

In a home, with a family.

Sometimes the stars align in such a way, that little girls get to grow up with parents that encourage a love of art. That was me! I’m Kammy, the lucky little girl who’s never been able to keep her mind off of fantasy lands created by the stroke of a paintbrush. By my side is my unconditionally loving Father, Gary, who also happens to be an art enthusiast himself, (not to mention quite the business guru). My mother, Suzie, was the free spirit who gave us glitter glue and sparkles. She is now smiling from the skies as she watches all of my art dreams come true. My two magical children, Venice & Dante, are being raised in a world full of crayons, imagination, and art education. We welcome you to the Evo Art family, and we extend our aloha and gratitude to you all!

Although the freedom of childhood allows us to find our dreams and purposes, adulthood can easily defer us. My life’s passion had always been art, but I embarked on various business ventures, without ever really finding my love. It wasn’t until 2018 when I took a position as an art consultant for a renowned gallery on Front St. that the cosmos realigned. I had found my purpose and my passion. I took the time to familiarize myself with the brand and within one year became the gallery’s highest-grossing salesperson. It was a dream come true to be living in Maui, the place of my dreams, and changing lives with art!

The realm of sales, however, is not for the faint of heart. There is a resilience in me that makes me a top producer. This same resilience makes me defiant in situations where there is a lack of integrity. I found myself thinking, “Is this really what people, who claim to be so full of empathy, love, and passion, are indeed like in the art world?” I refuse to think so.

After a string of underwhelming experiences, I was left in turmoil. It took someone else believing in me, more than I believed in myself, to bring me back to my life’s purpose. Thankfully my partner and best friend, Russell, had an idea. At that moment I knew that there was nothing else left for me to pursue.

So it begins. Evo Art Maui is a higher purpose gallery built off of love. Love of art, love of artists, love of humanity. Our ambition is not to enter into a lucrative market and succeed at all costs. We have a different and fresh business model that discovers what truly lies in the heart of the viewer. Our inventory goes beyond our gallery walls, so we can present unlimited works of art. We are also a resource, a fountain of information for novices and expert collectors alike. We build everlasting relationships with our clients and invite them to be a part of our art Ohana forever.

A famous artist once said to me, “I predict that you will not get the “carrot” they dangled in front of you, and you will get out of this industry much sooner then you can imagine. You won’t be able to change the system, as you always tried.” Less than 6 months later and I am opening my own art gallery! I had always known that the carrot that used to be a paycheck, a higher commission percentage, or another unkept promise, was never the prize after all. For me, the reward is being a part of the connection made between a person and a piece of art. As far as changing the system, that isn’t the carrot either. When we remove the ego from the equation, art reverts to its original intention. To be enjoyed by those who create it, and those who see it.


Art is a story that evolves over time…

Let’s make it a beautiful one.


Lahaina, HI 96761 USA