Online Grand Premier!! 🤩 A 3D virtual tour of Maui’s newest Art Gallery, Evo Art Maui-
Transcend into our luxurious showroom where a world of art awaits!




🎨Artists give people something
they didn’t know they were missing 🎨

Step inside & explore our Front St. gallery from your mobile device or computer.
Our gallery has been converted into a 3D model that allows you to get up close and personal with each and every piece in our showroom.

Visit to enter Evo Art Maui’s Gallery Virtually.
The link takes you to a bird’s eye view of our Front St. Gallery along the ocean in Lahaina, Hawaii.
Then you go through the doors and are free to explore with just the touch of your finger.
The gallery layout is as real as it gets.
You’ll see icons that you can click that give you an explanation on how to digitally explore the space.
Along the floor there are circles that you can click on, each circle you click is like taking a step in that direction and gets you up close and personal with the next piece.
Use two fingers or hold down the mouse to bring your view higher or lower depending on where you would like to look.
There are red dots that you can select and watch short videos and blue dots that give you the name of the artwork and artist with a link to learn more.

Our 750 SF charming, elegant space has beautifully displayed an eclectic variety of artwork and is a small preview of our extensive online collection.
Featured in the entrance is Hawaiian contemporary figurative works by the incredible artist Shawn Mackey who always integrates earth tones and a vintage flair to this series.

So come in for a taste of Hawaii, a taste of culture, and see what you’ve been missing!

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