Not a sell-out. Alex Arshansky is an artist to know not just for the optical creations he fathers, but for the person, he is within. Alex is a sweet and kind humanitarian who paints with a purpose. A perfect fit for Evo Art Maui, a higher purpose gallery!

What makes this artist so special? He won’t compromise his own artistic language and remains humble in the face of international recognition. When you speak to Alex you can feel time getting lost and goosebumps covering your skin. His empathetic character allows him to understand what he’s hearing on a deeper level than most. Then, he plays with all of these experiences by putting them onto canvas, only to be de-coded on an individual basis. It’s like he is a painter of souls, of the silent words that no one dares to speak. His art comments on love, on feeling, on nature, and even on social issues. It’s interesting from every angle and allows it’s viewers to get lost in the sea of symbolism and color. Alex’s art allows you to just experience it. To be present, or absent, for as long as you desire. It allows you to get lost in an abyss of the abstract.