Symbolism in art has been used since the beginning. Sometimes intreperting a symbol can offer a new meaning to a piece the entices the viewer in an entirely different way. Here is a list of some common symbols or ask us about symbols you are finding in a particular piece that you are enjoying.

  • Apple: Youth
  • Arrow: Time & Unstoppable Motion 
  • Book: Search For Truth
  • Candle: Human Soul In The Midst Of Darkness
  • Chameleon: Ever Changing World
  • Chess: Eternal Collision Of Good & Evil
  • Clock: Ticking Of Human Heart
  • Flowers: Nature’s Innocence
  • Hour Glass: Upper Half Future, Lower Half Past
  • Icarus: Bold & Fearless
  • Keys: Ability to Discover Mysteries Of The World.
  • Kite: Child At Heart
  • Lion: Mighty & Courageous
  • Mandala: Aspiration For Spirituality Above Disorder Of The Material World
  • Moon: Symbol Of Subconcious Mind
  • Mountains: Constancy
  • Ocean: Never Ending Entity
  • Owl: Night Time Contemplation
  • Pearl: Miracle Of Birth
  • Reflection: Clarified Perceptions
  • Rose: Red Rose = Sensual Love
  • Sheep: Gentleness
  • Thread: Human Destiny
  • Tree: Diversity Of Living Things, Connects To Heaven
  • Walnut: Good Luck To Those In Love
  • Wind: Breath


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