Do you want to know the value of your art today?

The world of fine art requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise to navigate. With the help of savvy consultants, you may have acquired gallery and museum-quality works that you are proud to include in your collection.

However, as time goes on you come to realize that you were never offered much guidance on how to stay current with the value of the artwork today. Here are some tips on how to find out the value of your artwork and options when it comes to reselling.

At Evo Art Maui, we pride ourselves on opening up the art world to collectors and giving them unbiased advice that will allow them to grow their knowledge and collection. Here we have a little more information on artwork appraisals:

If you are seeking to obtain the value of a piece of art from a deceased or auction artist, then we recommend taking some time go through the page we provided and find an appraiser or a company that can provide you with the current value, whether it be for insurance or resell purposes.

If you acquired your artwork from a gallery and they are either still emerging or most privately collected, then we advise that you contact the gallery directly or even the artist personally. Almost every artist today has its own website with a contact form. This is a great start and they may be able to provide you with the most accurate amount taking into consideration how many of sold from the edition, the demand, the scarcity, and more.

It’s important to always try to keep your original invoice and the Certificate of Authenticity. Most often, the appraiser will request images of the front, the back, and up close, condition details, the edition number, and additional history that may make your piece special.

Some artists have worked closely with printers and framers that also assist with inventory management and appraisals. For example, Vladimir Kush has a representative in Las Vegas that responds to inquiries sent to and Christian Riese Lassen has one who responds to inquires sent to

Always do a little extra research yourself. While a google search is helpful there are some popular sites for reselling collector pre-owned pieces on consignment that may be a good resource as well.

We’d recommend searching for your piece on websites such as


Paragon Fine Art

Art Brokerage

There are some galleries near you that may take on pre-owned art on consignment. Do a local search, explore their websites, and see if that is a service that they offer. Working directly and in person with a reputable company can be your key to success since they are face to face with collectors and can recommend works of art to them whether they have them physically on hand in the gallery or digitally on their website.

When you resell artwork, the representative may collect anywhere from 25% – 50% or more. In some cases, it may be most convenient to provide them a wholesale price and they can adjust their margin to their discretion and pay you the agreed-upon amount when it sells.

You can find out more about our Collector Consignment Services here:

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We currently have pieces available from world-renowned and highly collected artists such as

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We always have our eyes out and our ears open for amazing deals and opportunities. We stay up to date with what’s on the market and what’s hot, whether you’re looking to collect for personal taste or for investment endeavors or even charitable donations, contact us at Evo Art Maui and we’ll be your personal art consultant.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and questions and we will gladly point in the right direction of where to have your art appraised!