Gallery life keeps you busy! No matter how relaxed and pristine the environment seems, behind the scenes lies a different perspective. In the infinite world of art, the chances are endless.

So, why should I take some time away from all that there is to do to write about it? To share. That’s really the sole purpose of art. It’s about sharing who we are, our ideas, how we see the world, & how we feel. Writing, music, art… all forms of expression that embody these qualities. When combined, we are at our strongest.

Last month we hosted a Winter Fantasy Show. We had sponsors, a personal chef, free brewery tasting, and our walls were transformed with subject matter that is normally foreign to Maui. There were icicles, snow caps, arctic glaciers, underwater sugar plum fairies, & surrealistic scapes everywhere. Our events are extravagant & exciting, a definite must-see on Front Street when they occur. As we build our following and collector base, the waves of visitors come and go. Throughout the night, there were close to 10 artists in the 750 square foot gallery and all of them were sharing details, points of view, tips & tricks, and compliments about the work. It was a very unifying and humbling experience that brought our team of talent even closer together. You may have noticed that Costantino is an artist who was supposed to be featured at the show but didn’t. Not all artists are a good fit for galleries, it requires a certain attitude, a certain level of commitment and a lot of embracing the business side of things. Costantino chose to withdraw from the event just hours before. Gary Savage single-handedly devoted himself to the children who came for our free art class and helped me to rehang the gallery right before visitors started arriving. His climate change piece “My Favorite Teacher Is Death” was a huge hit and we’ve already sold one. Everyone pitched in! Dan Cesere brought in and hung his penguin shots from the Galapagos (we sold one). Kelly Hsiao had extra art with her to create a beautiful display of her sophisticated underwater photographs of figurative subjects. Beau Dyer had priced out all of his sizing options prior & set up a high definition slideshow of his work on a iPad. Spencer Sinner made it out from Paia and was drawing crowds with his beautiful humpback whales dancing with their babies and even more so with the color changing lights rotating on top of the canvas. There was a super special guest as well, Guiseppe, who flew in from Arizona to train us and help us launch the hottest new art product on the market, Sound Art. SoundArt is a flat panel speaker and canvas print in one. You can play music from any Bluetooth device including Alexa and instead of looking at speakers with cables, you’re enjoying a fine piece of art. We had the most wonderful, synergized group! I extend my gratitude to everyone who makes Evo the beautiful, harmonious gallery that it is.

The artists that are amazing inside, outside, in talent, and in character.

Then January rolled around! We took New Year’s Day off and I spent the day with my family out on the ocean on a 36ft power fishing boat, napping alongside breaching whales. It was back to work full force! We had received 3 new Lassen pieces directly from Christian’s Lahaina home. The most popular one has been Varua Moana, two dolphins painted to perfection.

Christian Riese Lassen paintings on Front Street in Lahaina, Maui at Evo Art Maui, the newest gallery.

We also ended up playing “musical sculptures” with my former boss up the street since he represents a different body of work from the same person and exclusivity is treasured in this business. Luckily, we were graced with the gorgeous bronze “Bluebeary Tango” by Edgar Allan Toh. My new personal favorite of this month’s gallery acquisitions!

Bluebeary Tango by Edgar Allan Toh – a playful sculpture of a gummy blue bear dancing with his elegant partner.

The artist worked on this piece for over a year, getting the composition, the shape & the color just right. The natural bronze against the vibrant blue colors keeps it sheek and the overall feel of it is joyful, playful & flirtatious. I love the feeling of the embrace of a big teddy bear and dancing with the person I love, this piece really speaks to me.

Shawn Mackey is wowing our walls! If you like the vintage Hawaiian feel, beautiful colors in thick swoops of color, mixed textures and strong messages portrayed throughout the composition, his new collection is perfect. Fire dancers, hula dancers, canoes, palm trees, maps, grass skirts, pineapple fields & all of the feelings of being found in paradise are captured in his originals and giclees. You can see his gorgeously framed new original “Canoe Wahine” at Evo Art Maui on Front Street in Lahaina now.

Envisioning tomorrow’s journey to visit ohana on another island. – Artist Commentary

We sold out of all of Melanie’s Burns small ocean resin originals & just added John Baran to the gallery walls with his unique turquoise resin originals.

Melanie Burns with her aquatic and rich blue originals.
John Baran uses his own photography as references for his tropical turquoise resin & acrylic original paintings.

I still am playing catch up! I am slowly chipping away at adding artwork for John Banovich, an extremely elite wildlife painter with so much passion and heart. Here at Evo, we have one of his beautiful bird scenes as a giclee on canvas, waiting for the opportune time to get gallery wrapped & exhibited.

For decades, John has dedicated his career to committing dramatic, realistic portraits of iconic wildlife to canvas, creating staggering, large-scale oil paintings that stoke heartbreak, awe, and an endless fascination with the raw beauty of our world’s wild places.

Johnny the Spirit Painter has also patiently stayed tuned until I can properly promote his incredible gift of painting abstract portraits based on of in-depth questions he asks during the live session. I can’t wait to be able to focus on connecting collectors with this unique opportunity.

Spirit painting is an experience where the artist listens and paints the color of your soul.

Manon Potvin, a woman who’s entire persona I adore, sent me over close to 80, YES EIGHTY, images of her works!! Manon’s originals almost always sell within the year she completes them. Currently, she is reserving close to 20 pieces for a museum exhibit in 2020 with many works being influenced by her childhood. For me, Manon Potvin is like a modern Salvador Dali, an artist with similar themes as those as Vladimir Kush, however, she is unrestricted. She doesn’t follow a “formula” to try to paint what sells. She paints ideas that are bigger than herself, bigger than her abilities until she overcomes the initial fear and leaves the viewer awestruck with the final piece. Each of them is astounding. I could spend the next year of my life studying her collection and not have discovered all of the sudden nuances and allegorical connations within each piece. She is whimsical, a French-speaking Alice in Wonderland, on the brink of global popularity & in spite of it, a humble and beautiful soul.

We will be releasing giclee limited edition reproductions of Manon’s work! Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Discover the whimsical works of the talented surrealistic star, Manon Potvin.

I’ve really gotten lucky with some newly discovered artists for me this month, like Grant Pecoff (island style art with impressionist strokes in bold colors), Lance Glasser (self-taught bronze sculpture with humorous and motivating themes), & Thomas R. Smith (Hawaiian landscapes). We are adding them to our artist roster to be able to offer a truly versatile range of fine art!

Art comes in and art goes out! Some of our art is on contract for just a few months, giving collectors a small window of opportunity to get the art they love while it’s here. If you didn’t have the chance to see the flawlessly painted still lifes of Russian born artist, Alexandra Averbach, you should continue to follow her career & stay tuned for future showings in Maui and in other galleries like Henoch in New York. It was incredible to have these on exhibit at Evo!

Floral & Fruit Still Lifes – Zest and Elevated by Alexandra Averbach

Also onto another venture is Last Time Love by Claudio Souza Pinto. There will be a new Dali museum opening in South Korea & Claudio has been selected to inaugurate the opening with 60 of his works! While we had many collectors interested in this particular original, they will have to wait until it’s had it’s time to shine abroad. He is currently working on a new original that is a tribute to women divers of Jeju. Follow us on Instagram @evoartmaui for behind the scenes sneak peeks.

Artist Statement:

“My art is based on love for the living being, for nature, through the poetry of the Theater of Life   It is as if the people had left, when the artist painted them or as if they had never arrived. My characters are masked and have nobody, only soul, and feelings. I paint the love, the energy of people, with joy and freedom of a real dream. The soul and the feelings are undone through the clothes of the characters.  I transform everyday situations with a surrealistic filter, creating fantastic and humorous images.” – Claudio Souza

This piece speaks about the theatre of life. Society sees us first for our masks, our costumes, but when we are vulnerable that dissipates. We can let go of all things, even time when we are in love.

What’s been some of our hottest items? Check them out!

Silver Ocean Abyss Trio by Lisa Herr – Original Mixed Media Sculpture.

“I want each piece to reflect my deep passion for these animals, and also to inspire people to take a responsible role in our co-existence with them. In my eyes, animals are already beautiful works of art. I simply strive to bring forth their energy and spirit in my work.” Lisa’s highly unique approach blends multiple mediums together with a wide range of abstract elements to create something stunning, vibrant and fresh.

An original oil on canvas painting by contemporary artist Brandon Kralik, a passionate artist who combines classical technique with a modern perspective.
Carina Francioso is a young talent who hand-paints photorealistic renditions of her moments of oneness with the ocean. This one is titled “Remembering Kaanapali”.

“I want my paintings to convey the beauty and power of the seas and oceans in all their moments and forms. These different states of water really depict our culture and reflect our daily lives and emotions with all their ebbs and flows. At times our lives are serene, fluid and calm, and other times they are stormy, chaotic and filled with confusion. I strive to highlight and express the vastness of water through my large scale canvases or wood panels as they heighten the memory of the experience and bring it to life. My dream as an artist is to evoke emotion and leave it up to the viewer to have their own personal experience with each piece I create. I have learned that water is life and without it, we wouldn’t be here today. Water connects us to nature and connects all of us around the world. I focus on the beauty of water because what we focus on is where our energy flows. By depicting the beauty and magnificence of water I hope to bring about a deeper conversation regarding water conservation and protection.” 

 – Carina Francioso 

Lights Camera Poke by Cesere Brothers. The famous photo of the happiest pig is fine Art Photography On Metal. Limited Edition Signed and Numbered by the Artists

“Poke’s back and he’s better than ever! If this doesn’t make you smile you’ve got issues. After talking with many of our friends and collectors we decided it was time to release this new image of Poke, “Lights, Camera, Poke!”. We were snorkeling around taking shots when all of a sudden we heard a snort, we turned around and boom, there was a huge pig swimming in the water. What an unexpected and fortunate surprise! Bring some joy to your home today.” – Cesere Brothers

Butterfly Garden by Gary Savage. Sensualism Series Edition Size of 555 40″ x 30″ Giclee on Canvas Signed and numbered by the artist

“Enter the Butterfly  Garden by breaking out of your cocoon and spreading your wings. The freedom of floating on air and landing on a flower that you want to is true freedom. In the Butterfly Garden, everyone is free as a Butterfly. Traveling by graceful wings free from desires, free to float on the air and be enchanted by the perfumes of the flowers in the garden.  This piece is about absolute freedom of expression and a sense of beautiful peace, that comes from letting go of all those conditioned thought patterns…..Floating in beauty and effortless grace.” – Gary Savage

Jim Carrey The Actor Turned Painter New Work Titled She’s The Bomb. Limited Edition Reproduction on Canvas Signed and Numbered by the Artist Artist Proof Edition #2 / 10 Framed Measurements 50.5″ x 74.5″ Price Includes Frame

“A women’s sexual power, intoxicating and hypnotic, holds within it both the promise of ecstasy and the threat of desolation.”
– Jim Carrey

Wind by Jody Barrilleaux.

Original Available Upon Inquiry

40″ x 15″

Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Editions

Signed & Numbered by the Artist

Standard Editions: 500 in each size and substrate

Artist Proof Editions: 5

Artist Proof Editions are giclee reproductions that have hand embellishments painted onto them by the artist. Jody’s signature style of a thick, textured impasto finish spares no detail on his Artist Proof Editions. The edition size is extremely exclusive and the embellishments are as close as one can get to the original.     Wind Collecting Choices: 
 31×16 Giclee on Fine Art Paper 
 31×16 Giclee on Canvas 
 31×16 Artist Proof Edition Giclee on Canvas 

Alohi by Kelly Hsiao – Photography on Canvas or Metal. Using high-quality archival inks, images are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas, hand-stretched on a 1.5” deep frame, then coated with a high-gloss laminate to add beauty and lasting protection. Each collecting choice is offered as an exclusive release of 50 limited editions, signed and numbered by the artist.

Alohi is a portrait of someone who embodies pure beauty, grace, and harmony with nature. Flowing effortlessly in the crystal waters of Maui, she captures the spirit of Aloha while celebrating her life and communing with the sea. She evokes a modern Hawaiian goddess who teaches us that we are our best selves when we embrace our lives with self-love and compassion.

DAYBREAK Price: $14,000.00 Size: 78×44 15 Circles (Panels) Total $14,400 Repurposed industrial pipe with mixed media painting on wood, installed at a tilt. $1,200 Each $8,500 For 9. Contact Us for availability. It can be commissioned for outdoors upon request. Different materials are used but the final look is the same.

The Pipeline Series is a nod to the infrastructure that connects communities to important natural resources such as gas and water, but can also cause conflict. We are fascinated by the maps of pipelines that run through our world like veins through the body. We use repurposed industrial pipe, cut, polished and cleaned with paintings installed on the interior. The series began with a water-inspired grouping after Hurricane Irma, reflecting on the necessity of pipe systems to bring us clean water. It has continued to explore other resources both real and imagined. These pieces can be grouped in any way desired: lines, grids, waves, “scattered”. 

NIGHT FLOWER by Manon Potvin Price: $1,750.00 Size: 11×14 Original oil on canvas Now on display at Evo Art Maui in Lahaina, HI

They fly away at nightfall.

They leave and spread the seeds of the flower that gave them birth

so that light can grow where there is only darkness.” – Manon Potvin

Harvest Palms by Michael Provenza. Original oil on panel.

Provenza has a totally original perception of the landscape. He captures the brilliance of the simplicity of the countryside. His scenery is remarkable for its suggestion of distances and aliveness. “My passion has always been to paint scenery that will bring viewers into my paintings and become engaged with the diverse qualities of nature – with a twist,” said Provenza. “I like to call this body of work Life’s Journey.

Elemental Pele Vision by Milan Param. The Hawaiian goddess Pele manifests her elements, lightning, dance, wind, and volcanoes.

“The original masterwork of Elemental Pele Vision is available as an oil original on canvas upon inquiry. It measures 28.5″ x 39.5″ and the artist meticulously invested more than 800 hours into capturing the perfect portrait of this enchanting, mischevious, powerful, and fascinating Hawaiian goddess. Her face was revised in more than 50 variations in order to create penetrating eyes that show her fury, yet a soft mouth and expression that shows her kindness. Standing in front of the original oil on canvas is an ethereal experience that causes the viewer to simply be in the presence of this sacred, shapeshifting, prominent and admired Hawaiian Goddess. The ‘Ōhi’a plants, the unparalleled detail, and the symbolism throughout the intricate details in the background of this piece make it undoubtedly the most captivating Pele portrait I’ve ever come across! The most inspiring message from Pele is that even destruction can create the most beautiful paradise.” – Kammy Hodges, Evo Art Maui Owner & Gallery Curator

An Allegory on the Principles of Meditation by Paul Bond. Available Sizes for An Allegory on the Principles of Meditation: 10×15 Fine Art Paper 10×15 Fine Art Paper Framed 16×24 Fine Art Paper 16×24 Fine Art Paper Framed 24×36 Giclee on Canvas 24×36 Giclee on Canvas Framed

Trying to put into words the experience of meditation is a paradox. It is a once troubled monkey finding his inner peace. It is that, despite countless birds and endless clouds crossing its face, the sky remains untouched. It is finding the perfect balance point on an undulating sea. Residing in a temple you built from stars and bones. Describing what it’s like to glimpse one’s untethered consciousness and infinite nature is best settled with an allegorical painting of a metaphor.

Pre-Owned Fine Art! This piece is on consignment from a collector, it is a sold-out giclee on canvas reproduction from renowned artist Vladimir Kush.

Be one of only 88 people in the world to own a standard signed and numbered limited edition of Farewell Kiss by Vladimir Kush. The artwork has been kept in a cool climate since it’s purchase and is in brand new condition, ready to be stretched or hung. Usually, the artist will release 8 Artist Proof Editions in addition to the standard, these are all also sold out. Although it is available on metal, the canvas reproduction is extraordinarily stunning and a Kush classic.

Some Best Sellers

Gary Savage

Cesere Brothers

Drew Sulock

Romeo Tomei

Lisa Herr

Spencer Sinner

Cristiam Ramos

Melanie Burns

Pre-Owned Fine Art

Check out our best selling artists by clicking on their names above!

Works In Progress & Fresh Off of The Easel

Paul Bond – Works In Progress / Fresh Off of the Easel
Paul Bond – Works In Progress / Fresh Off of the Easel
Paul Bond – Works In Progress / Fresh Off of the Easel
Carina Francioso – Works In Progress / Fresh Off of the Easel
Gary Savage- Works In Progress / Fresh Off of the Easel

So what’s next? Another show! This Friday, January 31st, Evo Art Maui is hosting a featured artist exhibition. Brandon Kralik is a brilliant, talented contemporary artist with a variety of landscapes, figurative and still lifes that exude elegance and an elite level of dedication to his medium and style. Meet the artist at our gallery located at 888 Front St. in the old Longhi’s building across from Bubba Gumps in old Lahaina Town from 7 to 9 pm and to experience his work in the flesh.

Friday Art Walk – Join us for a toast to fine art at Evo Art Maui this Friday, January 31st on Front St. in the hottest art scene on the island.

As a family-owned, brand new business we want to extend our endless gratitude to everyone who’s offered support! The first year in business is usually the toughest, so each and every comment, kind thought, and particle of positivity helps to motivate and uplift us. If you find a piece you love, something as small as a nice comment for the artist can make a huge difference and if you’re not looking to collect yourself we hope that you share the news with your friends that there is a new gallery packed with passion that would love to give them an authentic art collecting experience. We will list our social media channels – so you can pick your poison! 🙂






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