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An art movement that deepens the human experience through unconventional imagery bridging reality and a dream. Our art gallery spotlights magical realism from world-acclaimed artists like Michael Parkes, Paul Bond, Manon Potvin, and Claudio Souza Pinto.

Awareness Art

Art that has a story behind it captivates more than just the eye. These works have been hand-selected based on their social messages. The higher purpose behind the imagery can raise awareness, stir your soul and lead to charitable contributions.

Pre-Owned Fine Art

Re-homing previously owned artwork is a savvy and conscious way to acquire pre-loved art that you will love as well. Our gallery carries well-known names like Jim Carrey, Vladimir Kush, Anthony Quinn, Christian Riese Lassen, and more.

Show The World Your Art, And Begin Your Business

Show The World Your Art, And Begin Your Business

As an artist or other creative, you know that you want to make a living by enhancing other people’s lives. To do so, you have to get your art out there and get it noticed, even when it seems like the competition is much bigger and more visible. Today’s tips will help...

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Our premier online gallery features local Maui artists as well as highly collected artists from around the world.

Each and every work is hand-selected by one passionate gallerist.

The Artists

The artists you will find on Evo Art Maui have been delicately selected based on their connection to Maui, the intent behind their artwork, and their undeniable talent. They may not fit the mold of an average commercial gallery, and that’s why they’re Evo Artists.

The Gallery

Evo Art Maui is a woman-owned, family business with a big heart for artists and collectors. We offer a space for both to be different. Read our story and discover our personalized services to see what makes us different. Our enchanting Front Street Gallery closed its storefront location in 2019 but our services are still available online. We are always happy to assist you.

Devoted Artists

The artists we curate emote passion & purpose into their work that can be felt on the other end of it.

Infinite Imagination

Imagination, inspiration, and intuition guide me gently towards a better understanding of life.

Modernly Ingenious

Art can open and expand our minds giving us crystal clear visions of just how truly beautiful life is,  and how lucky we all are to be alive in a universe of infinite possibilities. 

Water is a Gift

At the end of the day all that matters is not what you have, but the gifts you share with the world, the way you make people feel, the person you are; that essence that blooms from the inside out.

The Infinity of all Things

Behind the grid of my paintings lies the many patterns of life… quiet, elusive, dominant, pervasive, and as all-informing deep in the subconscious.


My media – my brushstrokes – my colors – vibrate with the rhythms of quivering galaxies and titillate the broad weave of our imagination.

Celebrating Beauty

Water is meant to flow and I believe so are we. We are ever-changing, evolving beings in our nature. Those moments when we feel engaged and living “in the flow” are the universal feelings I hope to capture and inspire.

Poetic Painting

The physical world to me is heartbreakingly beautiful and profound. And the best way I can know how to channel those deep emotions life inspires in me is by adding to it through a world of my own creation. A world intended to both deepen my own life experience and to stir the souls of my fellow travelers.

Theatre of Life

“I would like to pass on a message to all those who like art and especially to artists. Always continue your work with perseverance. It is difficult, an artist’s life is very hard, but…” …Claudio silently places his hand on his heart.

Magical World

Through timeless aesthetics in ethereal realms, magic exists. Art that ignites a sense of flight, a sense of romance & a sense of hope to absorb the pain in the world around us & inspire us to believe in magic.


Our natural world is severely threatened and with this increased pressure, a new paradigm must emerge…artists, conservationists, sportsmen and environmentalists must come together in areas of overlapping interests.

Living Works of Art

From the flow of a horse’s mane to the lowered brow of a lion’s fierce gaze or the whimsical anatomy of a tree frog to the mythical curves of a seahorse, I see the world through their flow and form. I strive to bring forth their energy and spirit in my artwork. I hope to inspire an understanding of their importance and connection to us and the world.
Zorba by Anthony Quinn

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“Your knowledge of each painting was amazing.”

“Because of her authentic hospitality, I have never felt more comfortable in a gallery. I left inspired and knowing this chance experience would be one of the most memorable of our trip.”

“You are talented & delightful.”


Evo Artists have collaborated with famous celebrities and businesses including Disney, Carlos Santana, Steven Tyler, National Geographic, Shaq & more.



Like a rare blue diamond
Our Lahaina art gallery has adapted our own Avante-Garde style of customer service. How is our style singular? 

Evo Art Maui is unconventionally devoted to the art collector.

That is what makes Evo Art Maui, a higher purpose gallery, evolutionary.

We do not only share the wonders on our walls, but we also go beyond them. No other gallery on Front Street offers the customer unrestricted, unbiased access to an entire world of fine art collecting choices. Evo Art Maui provides free art consulting services to assist the collector with discovering diverse portfolios of artists and artworks for consideration. If you choose us as your personal art consultant, we conduct the deal in your best interest. Our search for the perfect piece extends even further into the secondary art market where collectors sell their pre-owned fine art. In addition, we work personally with collectors and artists on custom commissions as well.

Our clients deserve the best possible collecting experience whether it is inside our beautiful Lahaina Gallery or shopping for art online from our world-class, enterprise website. Each and every piece of art can be projected into your space from your mobile device with just the click of one button! This new technology, augmented reality, has changed the way people shop. Not only do you get the artwork virtually mocked up onto your wall to scale but you also can see just how it looks in your home.

Like all of the great masters of art, we do not adhere to a set of rules, industry standards, or the norms of society. We are brazen, bold, bizarre, beautiful and always sincere.

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